Boston is Depressed, New York is Much Worse [Animated Mood Map]

Alan Mislove and team at Boston’s Northeastern University analyzed public tweets posted between September 2006 and August 2009 in an effort to guage the general mood of people based on geographic location. The team used trigger words with generally positive and negative sentiment to indicate “mood” concentrations and  illustrated the data in this totally awesome infographic: As […]

Double Rainbow: A Rising Meme

Presently the video phenomenon blazing through the online community is the newly-famed “Double Rainbow”. Basically some dude saw a double rainbow out west, taped it, YouTube’ed it and gave extended [what sounds like] drug-induced commentary on the sheer beauty of such an event. The Meme: The original video was posted back in January but received […]

Rollin’ With My Posse in The SWAGGER WAGON

This new Toyota spot is hilarious. It’s good to see an international motor company using video in a way that is not super bogus. It’s also worth mentioning that I’m not even in the demographic audience for a van… although I am in the demographic audience for sweet rhymes… and I still love this spot.

The Official Be Stupid Philosophy

I recently came across this Diesel ad and I felt compelled to share it. I mostly like this piece because it has some cool points about smart vs. stupid, but the song is pretty cool too. I think ideas like this serve as a reminder to step back and take a minute to be easy […]

Jameson Ad & It’s Emotional Impact

There are few advertising creatives that have truly invoked an emotional response in me like the Jameson ad  below… in fact, I can’t think of any. As an avid whiskey drinker, ocean boy, and Anglo-Saxon descendant, this 30-second spot almost brings me to tears to see a man so truly proud of his whiskey. I […]

Beer, Zipcars, and Band Shirts; All Before Breakfast

Last Thursday I attended another WBZ Business Breakfast.  Like the last one I went to with guest speaker Richard Branson, this one was on the theme of entrepreneurship in interview format with a Q&A session afterward. Unlike the last one I went to with Richard Branson, this one was a panel setting with four local(ish) entrepreneurs; Jim Koch, […]